Canteen is a light-weight PHP & JavaScript framework
for building modern, flexible, asynchronous websites.


  • Easy to install, setup, configure
  • Page and database caching
  • Dependency management with Composer (server) and Bower (client)
  • Template engine for building dynamic HTML5 markup
  • Fully documented API with YUIDocs
  • Deep-linking and valid SEO
  • Built-in server-side Service Browser, Logger and Profiler
  • MIT software license


  • serverApache (mod_rewrite & .htaccess use)
  • serverPHP 5.4+
  • serverMySQL database
  • serveroptionalzlib for PHP installed
  • serveroptionalMemcache (mod_mem_cache Apache module)
  • clientjQuery 1.9+
  • clientHistory.js

server client optional

Getting Started

Download Boilerplate

Download Canteen Boilerplate unzip and install on an Apache web-server. If creating a virtual host, use the deploy directory contained in the Boilerplate project as the public directory.

Auto-Install Dependencies

Open up a command-line Terminal and cd to the Boilerplate install location. Running the command ant install. Please note that Apache Ant, Composer, Bower and UglifyJS need to be installed in order to run the auto-install task.

Create MySQL Database & User

It's probably a good idea to create a database that is used exclusively for Canteen as to not conflict with existing tables and projects.

View In Browser

Open up the site in your browser and follow the rest of the setup instructions. You'll be prompted to setup your configuration as well as create the administrator user.